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  • El gran ancho de banda actual de las telecomunicaciones nos permite usar las grandes ventajas del "Cloud".

  • The current telecommunications high bandwidth allows us to use the advantages of the "Cloud".

  • Mantenga sus Datos y Sistemas seguros frente a cualquier fallo de Software o Hardware.

  • Keep your data and systems safe from any software or hardware failure.

Welcome to my2STORAGE© !

We offer backup and replication solutions for most used platforms in the market, either locally or in the "Cloud".

Because we know that the security of your business starts to have a good backup system, and we know that sometimes these systems can fail. We offer a second replication in the cloud.

Best security and backup solutions for the enterprise.
-CSR-Online Group

VMware Replicator

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Simplify disaster recovery management with centralized recovery plans. Reduce the cost of disaster recovery through consolidation and replication infrastructure. Integrated with vSphere.

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Open-E Replication

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Provides synchronous and asynchronous replication volumes. Asynchronous replication volume rests on WANs. Designed to be versatile and flexible to support a variety of hardware RAID platforms.

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Hitachi Replication

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Ideal for most situations of mission critical data, when replication and backup of data is extremely important.

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Veeam Backup

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Designed specifically for virtual environments to provide fast backup and recovery of virtual machines from a single console.

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Windows DFS

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Windows DFS organizes and replicates shared resources and network files, even if the resources are shared across multiple devices.

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The security of your company begins to have a good backup system.


What is my2HD©? my2HD© is the solution for customers and companies that keeps your files synchronized and secure in "Cloud".

What makes us different from others? We rely on the Spanish laws. so files that you upload to my2HD ©, are and will be owned, you do not lose the rights to the files.Read more

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