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What we offer?

my2STORAGE© is a system of storing large volumes of data in the “cloud” so that with current technology, we can make a replica of your entire system, or only the most critical systems. Thus replica will have a second totally decentralized security.


Due to the many years we have been devoting ourselves to the computer industry, and especially of large systems, we know that the most important thing for a company is the safety and reliability of their data, and backup. We know that there is no 100% foolproof system for ensuring safety, and while greatly increasing the cost of our infrastructure to ensure we could get 99% of the data, there are many critical components that can fail. Also critical is the time to restore the systems to a serious fault, either software or hardware. And to all this we add the accidents or natural disasters, of which none are exempt.

Of all the above factors the project born my2STORAGE ©, which allows us to have a copy fully decentralized, ie not in their main facility, and completely safe, because we have the latest technology to make this possible. You will then have the reliability of a great security system at an affordable cost, as the safety of your data is our reason for being.


We know that every day there are new technologies that increase the security of your data, but primarily we have chosen the best known, without ruling out other systems. Practically our system is compatible with most current systems Backup and Replication, either synchronously or asynchronously.

If your system does not appear in the list can be found at the end, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will check if your system is compatible or not.

We do not want to replace their existing security systems, offering just want to improve my2STORAGE©.


What is my2HD©? my2HD© is the solution for customers and companies that keeps your files synchronized and secure in "Cloud".

What makes us different from others? We rely on the Spanish laws. so files that you upload to my2HD ©, are and will be owned, you do not lose the rights to the files.Read more

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