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Windows DFS Replication

DFS Replication is a replication engine and several teachers that supports state-based programming and bandwidth limit. DFS Replication uses a new compression algorithm known as remote differential compression (RDC).

RDC is a client-server protocol that can be used to efficiently update files over a network with limited bandwidth. RDC detects insertions, removals, data sort in files, enabling DFS Replication to replicate only changed blocks of files when they are updated.

DFS Replication uses several sophisticated processes to keep data synchronized across multiple servers.

DFS Replication is a replication engine with several masters. Any change made in one member is replicated to all other members of the replication group. Detects changes in overseeing the daily volume update sequence number (USN) and replicates changes only after the file is closed.

The bandwidth consumption is minimal, barely 1KB consumption, making it ideal for file replication.

DFS uses a heuristic method to solve conflicts prevailing in the last writer in situations where conflict files and prevails in the first creator name conflicts. Files and folders discarded in conflict resolution are moved to a folder called Conflict and Deleted in order to restore them in case the file or folder is deleted.


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