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What is my2HD©?

my2HD© is a product focused to individuals and companies that need to store any type of file in the “Cloud” for later access them from anywhere in the world, from any device, and keep them synchronized.

You can access your files in two ways, either from a client available for all devices, or from your favorite browser.

Keep your files, protected, shared, and always in sync, never been so easy !


Completely “OpenSource”, a great community supports and manage the software we use to my2HD©

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Your HDD in the ‘Cloud’

Keep your hard drive, or a part of it in the “Cloud”. You can access it from any device, from anywhere on the planet.

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For Business

Arrange your files in the “Cloud” for its employees, wherever they are. We allow you to have your my2HD© dedicated server.

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Users Groups

From the necessary access to your files, to individuals, groups, or by email. Keep your files protected.

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Files Security

Your files are always protected, intellectual property always safe. We do not we appropriate them, are and will always be yours.

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Any Device

Access your files stored in the “cloud” from any device, anywhere, always synchronized. From a Software Client, or Browser.

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my2HD© is based on ownCloud, a free software that allows the upload of any file type to the ‘Cloud’. my2HD© maximizes the chances of ownCloud.

ownCloud gives you universal access to files through a web interface or WebDAV. It also provides a platform for easy access and synchronize your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all devices. ownCloud is extendable via a simple API but powerful for applications and plugins.



What is my2HD©? my2HD© is the solution for customers and companies that keeps your files synchronized and secure in "Cloud".

What makes us different from others? We rely on the Spanish laws. so files that you upload to my2HD ©, are and will be owned, you do not lose the rights to the files.Read more

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