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Your HDD in the ‘Cloud’

May have its own hard drive on the network, it can store any type of file, image, video, document, etc.

The great advantage of this is that, wherever I go, all the information you get on my2HD © angry with you wherever you go. You just need an internet connection and your favorite browser to access it.

Take your data with you always !


my2HD© is a data storage system in the “cloud” for individuals, companies, or organizations that need to have their data is always accessible, or simply keep a backup of your files.


What is my2HD©? my2HD© is the solution for customers and companies that keeps your files synchronized and secure in "Cloud".

What makes us different from others? We rely on the Spanish laws. so files that you upload to my2HD ©, are and will be owned, you do not lose the rights to the files.Read more

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