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Backup with Bacula

We have years of experience in implementing and managing systems backups for all platforms and in all media. Worry about the importance of backups we take care.

The importance of backup

  • The vast majority of companies that have a significant data loss close to two years.
  • More than half of companies that suffer a massive data loss not reopen.
  • The price to pay for data loss is very high, as it would have to redo the work again.
  • Less than 50% of companies make routine backups.

Our team has years of experience in implementing and managing systems backups. Some of our sites are carrying a lot of load on hosting providers.

We conducted a thorough study of your infrastructure and design a backup system that fits your needs.

We guarantee the integrity of your backups daily reviewing the copy job has been done correctly and performing test restores periodically.

We offer the possibility to perform recovery of your data at any hour of any day of the year thanks to our service 24×7.

What is Bacula?

CSR-Online is the official partner and integrator in Spain of Bacula Systems. Bacula Systems is the leading Open Source solutions for backup and restore software.


Advantages of using Bacula Systems.

From the point of view of the company.

  • Assured that your data is recovered if lost.
  • Avoid and unjustified pay astronomical amounts of money for the purchase of backup and restore solutions.

From the point of view of the user of the company.

  • Quick and easy recovery of lost data.
  • Completely transparent to the user.

From IT perspective.

  • Scalability to ensure the viability of the solution in the future.
  • Getting quality support readily available in case of problems.
  • Increase backup performance and restoration through consulting and database optimization.

Large IT departments now have an Open Source solution, certified for the company and truly scalable solution as an alternative to proprietary applications. Bacula Enterprise Edition System balances innovation with the stability of corporate environments, bringing modernity and a highly scalable backup and restore the company. Thousands of organizations around the world have adopted Bacula their critical environments thanks to its modern, modular and multithreaded design.


What is my2HD©? my2HD© is the solution for customers and companies that keeps your files synchronized and secure in "Cloud".

What makes us different from others? We rely on the Spanish laws. so files that you upload to my2HD ©, are and will be owned, you do not lose the rights to the files.Read more

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